Sen. Bernie Sanders visits Green Bay for "Repeal the Trump Tax Tour"

Published: Feb. 24, 2018 at 10:41 PM CST
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Senator Bernie Sanders held a rally in Green Bay Saturday as part of his "Repeal the Trump Tax Tour."

Rally sponsors say the goal is to hold republicans accountable for enacted tax cuts, which raised taxes for 92 million middle class families and takes health insurance away from 13 million people. Supporters of the repeal say the tax breaks by President Donald Trump and the Republican Party gives sizable tax breaks to wealthy corporations and mainly benefits the top one percent.

"They're going to cut Medicaid and Medicare, they're going to cut programs that give healthcare to seniors and children, that is the modern Republican party, all to give more tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporations," said Nicole Gill, Executive Director of The Tax March.

Senator Sanders claims President Trump lied about giving tax cuts to benefit working class families during his campaign.

"They believed that Trump was listening to their pain and had ideas to deal with their issues, the truth is however that Donald Trump lied to them," said Senator Bernie Sanders, (I) Vermont.

Brown county Republican Party chairwoman, Marian Krumberger argues President Trump's tax cuts are extremely popular with the middle class.

"If they look at their paychecks I think most people have gotten $30 each pay day, an increase with that and they can use it to save for their retirement they can use it for their families," said Krumberger.

Sanders talked about the need for affordable healthcare and college education. Rally supporters heard from a small business owner, nurse practitioner and a college graduate who says she's struggling with student loans.

"With all the wealth and prosperity in our nation shouldn't it be less burdensome for people like me to pay for college? Students and recent graduates like me need a break, but this tax break that Donald Trump and Republicans forced through congress is not it," said recent graduate, Tasha Gjesdahl.

"All over this country people are hurting, they're pain is invisible and our job is to make it clear what people are going through and to demand change to address those issues," said Senator Sanders.

Despite Sanders’ efforts, Krumberger says she believes the tax reforms are ultimately benefiting the people in Brown County.

“No plan is ever perfect, no policy is perfect, does this reach many of our middle class? Yes. Does it do what he says it's going to do? Yes. Is it going to bring in more jobs? Yes. Is it helping here in Brown County? Yes. Does most people here in Brown County get a tax cut and going to get more money in their pockets? Yes, absolutely," Krumberger adds.