Sen. Baldwin continues to support pensions

Published: Apr. 9, 2017 at 2:46 PM CDT
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Wisconsin union workers continue their fight to protect their pensions. Green Bay area Teamsters held their monthly meeting, this time joined by Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin.

In the last month, the Teamsters Labor Union in Wisconsin said it’s made great strides in their fight.

“Wednesday our guys from IBT had a one on one with president trump talking about pension crisis, and pension security,” said Terry Black from the Wisconsin Green Bay Committee To Protect Pensions Group.

It's been over 2 years and the clock is ticking.

“In 2014 when they passed that MEPRA law, Multi-Employer Reform Act, Congress gave, under that law pensions funds that were in trouble or that were under funded, rights to cut retirees pensions, by up to 40-50- or even 60 percent,” said Black.

Sunday, Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin letting them know, she will keep pushing for change.

“These retired Teamsters have participated in a pension program called the central states pension program, they've worked hard their entire lives they have earned pension and yet that promise appears ready to be broken because the pension fund is facing insolvency in the next decade,” said Baldwin.

Senator Baldwin said she's a sponsor of the Keep our Pensions Promises Act, which would help these retirees keep what they say is their hard earned money.

“Unfortunately right now, we haven't been able to achieve a vote on this legislation so we into a new session of congress my hope is in working with these teamsters we can get the ball rolling,” said Baldwin.

Those with their pensions at stake say this could affect Wisconsin's economy.

“In Wisconsin alone it's a little over 2 billion dollars of revenues that would be lost,” said Black.