Section Yellow hopes to create sober space at Lambeau Field

Section Yellow hopes to create sober space at Lambeau Field.
Section Yellow hopes to create sober space at Lambeau Field.(WBAY)
Published: Oct. 14, 2019 at 10:07 PM CDT
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On a Packers home game night, fans pack into Lambeau Field and one of the first things they do before finding their seats is grab a cold one.

One group wants to create a safe place for people who choose to remain sober to gather, while at the game.

“Here at Lambeau Field we do have a lot of drinking…and we just want to support each other during the games because, it can get a little bit overwhelming, because you have such a big drinking culture,” said John Plageman.

He’s part of the group called “Section Yellow,” inspired by musicians such as the Grateful Dead and PHISH, that have sober areas at their concerts.

“Yellow is the universal color of sobriety in the Jamband music world. So, whenever you see someone with a yellow balloon, or yellow sticker on, you can always know they're probably a sober fan,” said Plageman.

He’s been sober for 10 years and runs the Green Bay

Since launching the page in July, more than 200 members have joined.

The Packers versus Lions game was the first opportunity to get the word out about the group, by handing out stickers.

“We have one game at a time, most slogans in AA and NA, narcotics anonymous and alcoholics anonymous, is one day at a time, so we just play on that,” said Plageman.

The group hopes to put a table in the concourse at Lambeau as a gathering place for people who want to remain sober before and during the game.

“It would be huge for the Packers and Section Yellow to come together just to have that entity for fans, for that fan experience,” said Plageman.

In a statement the Packers say they "are looking forward to meeting with the group and learning about the program and about possibly setting something up at a future games.”