Scammers target grandparents of Consumer Alert editor

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Senior citizens are losing millions of dollars each year to grandparent scam calls. It's estimated people 70 and older lose $300 million each year to the scam.

It hit close to home when scammers targeted a local couple whose grandson is a video editor at WBAY.

Trevor is familiar with scams. He edits the Target 2 Consumer Alert stories that air each Sunday on Action 2 News This Morning Weekend.

Trevor's grandfather received a call saying Trevor had been in a car crash that injured a mother and her children. The caller said Trevor was in jail.

"He actually thought I ended up with a broken nose and blood all over my face," says Trevor.

"They had told them that I was going to be held at the police station until somebody came to get me, and then in order for me to be released, that $10,000 was to be paid. That's actually where my grandpa got smart."

Grandpa hung up on the scammer and called Trevor's parents.

"My mom picked up the phone and knew exactly where I was. I was sleeping all day because I had been at work all night," says Trevor.

That's how the grandparent scam typically plays out. In some cases, scammers pretend to be the grandchild.

The story is often convincing. It's meant to scare older people into paying up immediately.

"They saw my car sitting in the driveway without a scratch on it, and they still didn't believe what my mom had said," says Trevor. "When I woke up that's when they finally realized I was OK."

Trevor's grandparents did the right thing. They hung up on the scammer and checked with their family.

If you're asked to immediately wire money or buy gift cards and give the numbers over the phone, that's a scam.

Share these stories with your family and help spread the word so others do not fall victim to the scam.

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