Scam Roundup: tax scams, tech support scams, foreign lottery scams

Published: February 26, 2017, NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WBAY) – Here’s this week’s Target 2 Consumer Alert scam roundup:


In Oshkosh, police are warning about a scam targeting seniors.

The department says residents have received phone calls from someone claiming to be from the Oshkosh Senior Center. The caller seeks information about tax returns completed at the senior center.

Police say the senior center IS NOT calling people asking for tax information. If you get one of these calls, hang up.

It serves as a reminder that tax scammers are very active this time of year.


Fox Valley Metro Police say some Kimberly residents received a notice saying they won $4.5 million in the Spanish lottery.

There are red flags all over this one. It asks for your bank account information, and tells you to stay quiet about the winnings until the prize is granted.

It’s another example of a foreign lottery scam, which is one of the most prevalent cons in the United States.


An Action 2 News viewer called to inform Target 2 that the computer tech support scams are still going around.

The viewer received a call from someone claiming to be with Microsoft. The caller told him his computer had a serious virus.

The viewer didn’t fall for this one, seeing as he doesn’t have a computer.

If you get one of these calls, hang up. Consumer Protection would appreciate reports on these scams. They’re always looking for information that will lead to tracking down the scammers.

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