Safely exploring caves in Northeast Wisconsin

MANITOWOC COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Although they're not as deep or complex as the ones in Thailand, there are caves here in Northeast Wisconsin.

One of those areas is Cherney Maribel Caves County Park in Manitowoc County.

On Tuesday, Action 2 News met with Mike Sobush who is a volunteer at the park and member of the Wisconsin Speleological Society.

He teaches about the wonders of Wisconsin caves, but the group also has designated rescue members.

“This cave if you got way back there and we have heavy rain, it would flood, but now since we dug it out, I like to say, restore it to its natural beauty,” said Sobush.

Sobush said unlike the caves in Thailand, the ones in Wisconsin are cold, and in an emergency situation you could suffer from hypothermia, but Sobush said our local caves are actually fairly safe as long as you're prepared.

“Watch the weather, you don't want to be going into caves when there's heavy rainfall expected, because there's always a chance in a cave, of flooding, because caves are underground rivers, so you've got to take that into consideration,” said Sobush.

Sobush said bringing a helmet along for smaller caves is a good idea along with at least 2 sources of light.

The park also does tours at the park for anyone interested in exploring a cave.