Safe Rides Program Expanding

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NORTHEAST, Wis. (WBAY) - The Tavern League of Wisconsin looks to enhance its safe rides program. A new partnership should help more people get people a lift home.

Safe Rides program

For years, bar owners across the state, through the Tavern League of Wisconsin, have helped provide free rides home to those who've had too much to drink. In the last year alone, safe rides provided more than 92,000 rides statewide.

"We're part of the solution. We're very very proud of the fact that DUI fatalities in Wisconsin have dropped about 50% the last eight years and I think that our safe ride program has a lot to do with that," says Pete Madland, executive director of the Tavern League of Wisconsin.

One Green Bay bar owner is now teaming up with ride-share company lyft to launch a supplemental safe rides program.

According to Don Mjelde, president of the Brown County Tavern League, "For the past five, six months I've been working with lyft exclusively developing this program and we launched it to six other bars across the area in Green Bay and now we're presenting it to the state."

Safe rides through lyft will work in conjunction with the already-existing cab company voucher program. But, for the bars that team up with LYFT, bartenders will now be able to request rides for patrons through an online program. Not only will the lyft partnership boost the number of available rides, it will expand the program to rural areas not serviced by cabs.

Mjelde adds, "I see a lot of incentives for people in smaller towns where there's not a cab company present. Suamico is a perfect example of a town that doesn't have a cab company, but there's lyft and Uber drivers in area. Using this program for safe ride you're able to get that ride home."

As part of the partnership, on the lyft website, it's offering $10 off a riders first trip, outside of safe rides. And, and for anyone who downloads the app, lyft will automatically donate five dollars to the Wisconsin Safe Rides program.