Robot golf instruction comes to De Pere

DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) - Golf season feels just around the corner following Wednesday's warm-up. While in reality a few months remain before courses will see an influx of golfers, players can fine-tune and improve them game in the meantime with a new tool that has made its way to De Pere to grow the game and improve play.

Instructor Matt Wood (left) helps a golfer use the RoboGolfPro in De Pere, Wis.

“People still can't break 100. We are losing golfers every day. We are losing golf courses. What are the reasons for that? The reason is that this is a hard game,” Scot Nei said.

So Nei invented the RoboGolfPro to help teach the proper golf swing.

“It helps bridge the gap between the student and the instructor. It takes the words out of it and brings the feel into play,” Nei said.

Some people are visual learners while others can hear advice and put it into practice. But the RoboGolfPro is for the golfer who needs to feel something and experience it to put it to use on a course.

“It's easier to use than an iPhone,” Nei said. “You literally just hold on to the golf club while it's moving you. You are seeing it, feeling it, and doing it.”

One Under Golf Center instructor Matt Wood brought the robot to De Pere, Wis.

"It's going to go slow so he develops muscle memory,” Wood said.

The next nearest place to try it was Chicago until opening up shop two months ago in De Pere. Since then he's already had 60 golfers benefit from the new way of learning.

"As an instructor I don't know how it feels for you. I don't know during the golf swing what you're experiencing,” Wood said.

No more descriptive verbs, adjective and overall swing thoughts. With a robot showing you the ropes, golfers can really, really, get the swing of things, in a literal sense.

“This not only makes a hard game easier. We can take somebody who has never touched a golf club, within a year they are shooting in the 80's. We can grow the game of golf like never before with RoboGolfPro,” Nei said.

The RoboGolfPro is located at 801 Heritage Road in De Pere.