Rivalry turns into friendly wager

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PULASKI, Wis. (WBAY) -- A Northeast Wisconsin rivalry turns into a friendly wager, as two undefeated football teams wagered on their upcoming game.

In this week’s Action 2 Sports Operation Football Game of the Week, both Bay Port and Pulaski High Schools started off 4-0.

That record led to a wager between the teams: The losing school must donate to the winning school’s education foundation.

“Tonight the winner of the game will be going with an additional $100 donation chaired by the high school principal and superintendent of the school district,” explains Bec Kurzynske, superintendent of the Pulaski Community School District.

For the second year it’s not only a rivalry game but a district versus district wager.

Crowds filled the stadium at Pulaski High School for the game Friday night. So much so, that the bleachers were filled and there was standing room only.

“There's always been this really great rivalry between the Howard-Suamico School District and the Pulaski Community School District,” Kurzynske tells Action 2 News. “And with outstanding education opportunities in the Greater Green Bay Area, we just felt it was a fun way to add a little bit of extra interest to an already exciting game.”

In the end, Bay Port shut out Pulaski, 28-0.

While both teams hoped to come out on top, in the end it’s about more than winning or losing but keeping the Northeast Wisconsin community strong.

“I think when you have competitive teams in Northeastern Wisconsin, it just brings a lot of attention to Northeastern Wisconsin. So that's a great thing. I want to win, don't get me wrong. At the end of the night I like to win, but I like to win the right way,” says Bay Port High School principal Mike Frieder.

“Both of our communities should be proud of what our students do on the field, and in our community schools. So it's just another added bonus to be able to pay the foundation a little bit of money,” Jeremy Pach, the principal at Pulaski High School told Action 2 News.

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