Rising from the ashes, Camp Vista plans to rebuild burned down church

FOND DU LAC COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Action 2 News is getting a look at the plans to rebuild a chapel that is the focal point of a youth retreat camp in Fond du Lac County.

As we reported, a fire destroyed Camp Vista's church in October, the church is a total loss.

“I pictured myself getting married there one day. I just always pictured it being the one thing in my life that was never going to change,” said Iza Stankiewicz, who has been going to the camp with her family since she was a baby.

The chapel at the center of the grounds burned down six months ago.

Investigators and camp leaders can only speculate at the cause.

“It was very hard to designate exactly what happened; the closest one was electricity,” said Andrew Fidziukiewicz, president of Camp Vista.

“I was an emotional heap when I came down to actually look at it, the energy was completely off,” said Michael Kachel, who has been going to the camp since he was eight years old.

Over the years, these youth have called Camp Visa their second home and have fond memories of the church.

“One of the best memories I had was playing on the field and hearing the councilors calling up chapel time and hearing Andre talk to us,” said Kachel.

On Sunday, the group got a look at plans for the new church, which will be built in the same spot as the old church.

“The new church is going to be almost identical for the size, it's going to be about 2 feet longer,” said Fidziukiewicz.

“It's really different then it was before, but I'm excited to see what new memories we can make in there,” said Stankiewicz.

Over the weekend, the teens helped lay the ground work for the future by helping build an electric outpost building to feed power throughout the camp.

“Alliant Energy, they wanted to put underground services. We're very happy, its starts right now, this is kind of the beginning of the whole rebuilding process,” said Fidziukiewicz.

The new chapel will be built over the next two years. No word on how much the new building will cost.

In the meantime, camp leaders say they plan to build a temporary church in the fall.