Ribbon of Hope rises from fire in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) - When an historic building in De Pere caught fire in April, apartments and businesses were destroyed.

One of those businesses was Ribbon of Hope, a charity known for financially supporting those battling breast cancer.

Seven months later, the organization is back where it left off, hosting events during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

For Ribbon of Hope president Tom Rueckl, the past few months have been overwhelming.

“When we woke up that morning and saw on the news that our building had burned to the ground, it was pretty emotional," Rueckl said.

The organization that worked so hard to help those battling breast cancer lost everything in a building fire.

In the old building, the organization never had to pay for rent. That helped them as they financially supported women and men battling breast cancer.

Since their offices burned in the fire, Capital Credit Union donated its basement as office space and other companies stepped up, too.

“We reached out to Cellcom and they were great," said Rueckl. "They were generous about donating another line for us and now we have two lines that Cellcom provides to us.”

Rueckl said the community's support after the fire helped them in many ways.

“I think from the time that the fire happened until the time that we were literally set up and ready to go again was about 30 days," said Rueckl.

Its desire to help others wasn't lost in the flames.

This month, the foundation has fundraising events in which its taking part.

"We've got B.R.A.s of the Bay at Green Bay Distillery," said Rueckl. "We've got Witchfest coming up."

Rueckl said the organization will never forget the day its office of 14 years burned to the ground, but it's a survivor, like the patients it helps.

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