Storm debris cleanup in Peshtigo

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PESHTIGO, Wis. (WBAY) - People in Peshtigo are cleaning up debris after a strong thunderstorm hit the city Saturday night.

“About 10 years ago the same thing happened and went through, but not as bad as this," Resident Jack Vorpahl said.

Trees in Vorphal's yard were ripped in half during the storm.

“Yesterday the winds were like a hurricane here," Vorpahl said. "You couldn’t even see and we got hail and it took just the weak parts of the trees.”

He said he west side of Peshtigo was without power, but the neighborhood he lives in is still recovering the morning after.

“This I didn’t expect no," said Vorpahl. "I've never seen the winds like this. It’s straight sideways and it looked to me like a tornado almost it was so strong."

“We took a ride and all the trees on the next block were uprooted and down," Resident Gene Erickson said.

A road just a block away from Gene's house is closed because a massive tree uprooted and fell in the street.

"The other side of the river just had minor branches here and there, but you take that ride for two blocks long there and it’s just huge trees uprooted and all of them are across the road," Erickson said.

Both are happy no one got hurt.

“It was pretty wild," said Erickson. "Could've been a lot worst. Nobody got hurt."

“I was just pleased that it fell where it did in my driveway and not in the house," said Vorpahl. "I had a little damage in the backyard, but nothing major.”

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