Residents fed up with brown water coming from the tap

EMBARRASS, Wis. (WBAY) - Some people in the small Waupaca County village of Embarrass say they're fed up with brown water coming from the tap. They say the water supplied by a municipal well has been discolored off and on for about a year now.

Embarrass is located between Clintonville and Shawano off Highway 22. The DNR said it's aware of complaints in this area and says what's making the water brown isn't necessarily harmful.

Action 2 News spoke to Paul Ryan, the owner of Pinewood Apartments in Embarrass.

“The most frustrating part for me is that I've gone to some meetings to talk to them about it, and it seems like it's not heard, and I'm not saying it's the town of Embarrass, I am saying that maybe we need more help with the DNR, I don't know,” said Ryan.

Ryan said he's not pointing fingers, but as a small business owner he's looking out for his tenants hoping someone steps up to help.

“It's a problem for me, because if they can't correct the problem then my tenants are going to (leave),” said Ryan.

The DNR said iron is causing the brown or red tint. It's something naturally occurring, with no health-based standard, although the agency understands the concern.

“The thing at Embarrass, they have two wells. One well is currently offline. The offline well does have lower iron levels, and we anticipate that well coming back online at some time in the future, and when that well gets brought back online it should see some improvement,” said Chris Linskens, water supply engineer at Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The DNR suggests people flush their private plumbing until the second well is put online. There are also filters people can buy.

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