Brown Co. Sheriff's Office warning people of scam calls

BROWN CO., Wis. (WBAY) -- The Brown County Sheriff's Department is warning people about a scam call where the caller is threatening people's lives.

Authorities say the call is coming from an unknown individual or group threatening to harm them or their families if they do not purchase large amounts of iTunes gift cards or turn over funds.

People have reported the caller is claiming to be a hit man or get a hit man to harm them if they do not comply.

Authorities say these are scam calls, and people should not buy the gift cards or send money.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office says people also report getting calls from people claiming to be from the utility company, the IRS, or a police department.

Authorities say these calls typically come from outside the US and they use computer systems to generate real looking phone numbers and even call IDs that look real.

Legitimate businesses or governments will never ask for payment such as prepaid Visa, a green dot card, wiring money, via PayPal or iTunes.

If you get a call like this, authorities are asking you to call law enforcement.