Repairs continue from April Blizzard

Published: Jun. 5, 2018 at 6:14 PM CDT
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April's record-setting blizzard took a toll on barn roofs in northeast Wisconsin including at a farm near Black Creek and a horse therapy program in Neenah.

"Well when the storm first happened, I thought we were going to be out of operation for probably two months or better," said Katie Samuelson's, Beaming, Inc. Program Director.

With the quick work by Keller, the structure for Beaming horse therapy was put back together faster than expected.

"16 days later we were swinging a truss on to our facility and back up and running," said Samuelson.

The horse therapy program also received donations to help it maintain and care for the horses while its funding source of giving horse rides to veterans, children, and people with disabilities was suspended.

"The community completely shocked me," Samuelson said. "Just how everyone came together and even the riders and their families and all the calls, 'can we come out and help'."

Action 2 News also checked in with Birlings Bovines Tuesday. We stopped by the farm twice in April after the blizzard. The farm estimated $500,000 in damage.

Many repairs have been done.

"Things have been busy, we had a lot of catching up," Cindy Birling said. "But we are actually doing pretty well, things are moving right along."

And while there's still work to be done...

"I guess it could be worse," said Birling.

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