Target 2 Consumer Alert: Read this before you take another Facebook quiz

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- What may seem like a fun way to kill time on social media could actually put your personal information at risk.

“The obvious questions are, 'What are your phone numbers? Social Security numbers?' Something like that, that's obvious,” says Michael Teske, an information technology instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. “But getting into these links, or clicking on a link that a friend sent to you that's going to gather information again, those are things that I'm not going to click on.”

We’ve all seen the “fun” quizzes on our Facebook timelines asking silly questions like, “Let’s guess your age with nine easy questions” or “We know who your celebrity lookalike is!”

While these quizzes may seem like harmless fun, answering these questions can give your personal information to Internet hackers.

Teske says the answers to those questions are often too personal, like your first pet’s name or what city you were born in.

“Those are all often times security questions, multi-factor security questions for authentication to get into accounts,” he says. “So if you're giving up that information and they're asking those questions, they're getting your multi-factor authentication answers.”

Teske suggests keeping your Facebook private only to friends and family and keeping your passwords strong.

“Make longer passwords. It doesn't have to be this complex password that you're never going to remember, but if you can have it more than 10 characters, 15 characters,” he says.

He suggests using a longer phrase, or the first letter of each word within a phrase, that’s easy to remember.

“Make it a pass phrase, like, 'TheGreenBayPackers.' That's a long password, and it's something that we can remember and we can type in more quickly,” Teske says.

On top of that, make sure to change up your passwords between each account you have.

Teske also reminds us that all information on the Internet is public – and permanent.

“Always understand that you're always on a public realm. You're on the Internet,” Teske says. “For your information, once you submit that information, it's there permanently. You cannot delete that information off the Internet.”

Because of that, Teske suggests to avoid all online quizzes, even on verified accounts like BuzzFeed. The answers can be easily accessed by hackers and could result in a breach of your personal information.

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