Rawhide ready to honor Bart Starr's legacy

NEW LONDON, Wis (WBAY) Thousands of Bart Starr fans will gather outside New London Saturday to celebrate his life at the location of one of his greatest legacies, the Rawhide Boys Ranch.

As final preparations are made to honor the life of Starr, the staff at Rawhide are filled with pride.

"We are just thrilled and honored to be celebrating Bart's legacy of his life here at Rawhide, both the family and the Packers said there's no better place that they'd want to have it than right here, so we're humbled and honored," says Alan Loux, Rawhide president & CEO.

Saturday's celebration is from 1 to 5 p.m. and includes a program with the Starr family and many of Starr's former teammates.

There will also be a youth football camp, a hall of fame exhibit and a number of family-friendly activities, along with tours of the Rawhide campus and equine program that have helped thousands of troubled teens over the years.

"Without Bart and Cherry this would not exist at all, I mean they've been involved for over 50 years, from the very beginning," says Loux.

In partnership with Rawhide Co-founder John Gillespie, the Starr's helped raise funds to purchase the property, establish the ranch, and launch the car donation program, which continues to be the financial backbone of Rawhide.

But even greater, the Starrs' continuous gift of time.

"Bart and Cherry spent of their time here, here with the boys, here with the staff and it wasn't just them, they would bring their kids, they'd bring their grandkids and so one of the great things about this weekend is it's not just Cherry coming, Bart, Jr. is coming with kids, with grandkids to celebrate the life of Bart and their family here at Rawhide," says Loux.

Parking will open at 11:30 tomorrow morning, and Loux says with 3,000 people already registered and others welcome to the free event, it's best to arrive early.