Random act of kindness surprises manager of Appleton homeless shelter

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GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY)- A random act of kindness in a Grand Chute Wal-Mart caught the manager of a Fox Valley homeless shelter by surprise when she was denied her purchase because of limits on certain items.

Chairs and mats at Pillars day shelter in Appleton (WBAY photo)

With many stores placing limits on items because of the coronavirus outbreak Lauren Moen knew she might face a challenge when buying for those staying at Pillars, INC, an overnight homeless shelter behind St. Vincent de Paul in Appleton.

"I was in line and at first I was getting kind of those weird looks because I had a cart full you know to the very top," said Moen.

She was hoping to stock up on paper products and breakfast items including juice.

However she didn't know that even the shelter was not exempt from the store's policy and at the check-out, the manager told her some of the stuff would have to be put back.

Moen added, "You know when your at a grocery store, you are close to each other. The guy next to me, not in my line, but the guy next to me, said, hey give me one of every of those and I'll buy them for the shelter, and I was like, oh my gosh and then the lady behind him did it, and then the woman behind me in my line with four kids did it, and the woman behind her and it was just like a chain reaction of all the things I was going to buy."

Those customers together, covered several hundred dollars in items, and no one wanted to be reimbursed.

Moen says neither she, nor the clerk could believe it.

"I'm just completely in awe and humbled by the experience truly," she added, "I went and told the clients and they had tears in their eyes and they were like wow, people are thinking about us. So, it meant a lot."