Water damage at Fox Crossing apartment building estimated at $30K

FOX CROSSING, Wis. (WBAY) - Damage costs are estimated at $30,000 after water caused drywall to collapse at a Fox Crossing apartment building.

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Late Tuesday night, Fox Crossing firefighters were called to the 2400 block of Wilson Court for a "water problem." They found water leaking into the building from the roof.

Seven apartment units sustained water damage and drywall collapse. Damage was also located in the hallways.

Jose Rafael Hernandez returns to his apartment for the first time since the ceiling collapse in hopes of salvaging belongings left behind.

"I had to get some things that we need like clothes," he said.

Hernandez tells Action 2 News he was at work when his daughter called him about a major water leak and ceiling concerns in the family's apartment. He says his family escaped with only a few important documents, and a nearby hotel room has become their temporary home.

"Just run, you know," said Hernandez. "That was scary. We have a baby just three months old, and my son is seven."

Rain was falling and temperatures were warm enough to melt the snow that's piled on roofs for the past few weeks.

Hernandez describes his apartment as a mess: "It's weird how you can see water. It's like you can see the faucet open, and the water is dripping a lot. So, the carpet won't be good for sure."

The building was evacuated. The American Red Cross helped people find a place to stay overnight.

The fire department says there is no structural damage to the building.

The fire department says about half of the tenants had renters insurance. The Hernandez family is not insured.

"I don't know, probably we lost everything. It's not good."

The transition from winter to spring is a busy time of year for ServiceMaster. They receive an increased volume of calls for flooded basements and leaking roofs. Although professionals recommend people invest in flood and renters insurance, they remind homeowners that belongings can be replaced while people cannot.

"The first thing that people need to be aware of is obviously just the safety aspect alone," said Ryan Phillips, director of commerical sales for ServiceMaster Recovery by Restoration Holdings. "To make sure that when something like this happens, that you're out of the building, not going back in until it's safely cleared to do so."

The building manager tells Action 2 News she plans to meet with investigators on Wednesday afternoon in an effort to create a plan of action moving forward.

Photos: Fox Crossing Fire Department
Photos: Fox Crossing Fire Department
WBAY Photo.