Race for the next Wisconsin 8th Congressional District congressman

GREENVILLE, Wis. Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher and democrat Beau Liegeois were both campaigning in Greenville Saturday. The two are running against one another in the race for Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District.

Incumbent republican Congressman, Mike Gallagher (left) and his democratic challenger, Beau Liegeois (right)

Incumbent, Mike Gallagher is currently serving his first term, democratic newcomer Beau Liegeois is a prosecutor in the Brown County District Attorney's Office.

Liegeois says healthcare is a top priority for Northeast Wisconsin.

"As I've been campaigning, I hear two issues over and over again, healthcare and water quality. I'll be fighting to increase access to affordable healthcare, I'll be fighting to protect people with pre-existing medical conditions and I'll be fighting on equality in our healthcare," said Liegeois.

Congressman Gallagher saying he's already working hard on healthcare related topics in Washington.

"Leading the fight for trauma informed care awareness, leading a bipartisan effort on healthcare price transparency, a lot of work yet to be done but if you focus on working and not on being famous or being a demagogue, there is a lot you can get done," said Congressman Gallagher.

Both Gallagher and Liegeois are passionate about water quality, Gallagher is a strong supporter of ‘Save the Bay.’

"We have a duty to pass on that heritage to the next generation. ’Save the Bay' is all about bringing together stake holders, farmers, people that care about the environment, state and federal officials to figure out what can we do from the bottom up to make sure we're passing on clean water, we're doing the best farming practices, taking care of the land and I'm really proud of that work, and it's been a great discussion and dialogue and we're going to keep going forward," Congressman Gallagher says.

Even though Congressman Gallagher is a huge supporter of the 'Save the Bay' movement, Liegeois says the freshman congressman is not doing enough to make sure water quality is at its finest in the district.

"I mean actions speak louder than words, and although I like that somebody will come out and say that they support water quality in the district, in this case the bay, but actually taking actions to protect our pristine world class recreational and fishing waters that we have in this district will be something that I'm fighting for, not something I'm casually talking about," Liegeois says.

Liegeois says with Foxconn coming to the southern part of the state, the district is being neglected.

"I think we got to have a good dichotomy there, we're investing in this foreign corporation we're basically giving them a corporate giveaway down in the southern part of the state, and we're neglecting jobs and infrastructure right here in our own community, and a congressman should be fighting for the people in our community, and having those resources used and invested right here in Northeast Wisconsin," adds Liegeois.

Meanwhile, Gallagher says the district has plenty of job opportunities.

"What I hear most about employers in the area is that they can't find people to work, we're near full employment in the area, so there are plenty of jobs out there but businesses are struggling to find people with the right skill set or people that can pass the drug test. That's a very difficult problem we're going to have to solve but we're lucky here in Northeast Wisconsin to have two incredible technical vocational schools NWTC and Fox Valley Tech,” said Congressman Gallagher.

Congressman Gallagher’s seat is up for election in November 2018.