Race for Green Bay mayor is growing

(WBAY file photo)
(WBAY file photo)(WBAY)
Published: Jun. 1, 2018 at 7:27 PM CDT
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The job of managing more than 900 employees and a budget of more than $100 million is up for grabs, and voters in the City of Green Bay will decide who gets it.

The circle of candidates to succeed Mayor Jim Schmitt is growing.

Alderman Mark Steuer announced Friday he's running for the open mayor's seat. He has kids in their 20s and says he has a vested interest in keeping young people in the city.

"I was a cartographer for the city for 25 years. I drew maps and I know where every street is in the city of Green Bay. My plan is to walk every street in the city of Green Bay over the next nine months so I'll have a chance to meet the citizens, look at the sidewalks, look at the roads -- and we all know that a lot of the roads need help," Steuer said.

State Representative Eric Genrich, a Democrat running for this non-partisan office, says as mayor he would continue growth downtown and Bay Beach. He says people want Green Bay's notorious council meeting drama to go away.

"They are sick and tired of the dysfunction within city hall, you know, and I feel like I've led in a bipartisan way and a non-partisan way in my current role. I feel like I can translate that to the local role as well," Genrich said.

Brown County Supervisor Pat Evans said, "I'm the only person that's ever beat Jim Schmitt in an election."

Evans won a primary against Schmitt but ended up losing to him in 2011.

Evans will announce his candidacy for mayor on June 19.

"Most people know me as a supervisor, but in the business community I think I have some good respect there, and I'll talk about that. And then we'll be providing a real nice platform as far as what we'd like to see moving forward," Evans said.

Other names you might see on the ballot are former alderman Joe Moore, who tells us he'll decide in August.

Brown County Supervisor Pat Buckley will make a decision this month.

A lesser-known candidate is Nick Mortensen, who works at his family's business, Jones Sign. He did not return our phone call. He has a campaign website with the incorrect election day, urging people to vote in January 2019.

The primary is February 19, 2019, to whittle down the race for the April election.