Pulaski man inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

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PULASKI, Wis. (WBAY) A Pulaski man receives the national wrestling hall of fame lifetime achievement award this weekend, after years jumping over countless obstacles he endured as a man struggling with disabilities since the 60s.

Action 2 News has been following the story of Jerry Lasecki, who at age five was diagnosed with polio, paralyzing him from the waist down.

Lasecki tells us his disabilities made him very shy at first, but once he began work as the Pulaski high school wrestling manager, his new personality was born.

He credits his lifetime achievements to a good group of family and friends who never let him stop and feel sorry for himself, telling him he was capable of anything he set his mind to.

"It's hard to accept what's happened to me, but down the road, I met so many fabulous friends. My family made me. My dad was a good pusher and he wanted me to keep normal,” Lasecki told Action 2 news.

Jim Richie, Former Pulaski High School Wrestling Coach told Action 2 News, "I think he was always so positive. Dealing with his disability- he never let that disability slow him down. He just was so positive about life and other people- always trying to do good, he found life even with his disability to be even bigger than who he was and who he is. And with his reach out? That just made him such a total person. Just an unbelievable individual."

Lasecki uses a wheelchair-accessible van to take veterans to appointments at veteran affairs hospitals across the state. He also gives motivational speeches around the state at places like the rawhide boys ranch in new London.