Pulaski storm victim: "This is a lot of damage"

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PULASKI, Wis. (WBAY) - Shawano County took much of the brunt of the largest tornado outbreak in Northeast Wisconsin history Wednesday, and Pulaski specifically was one of the hardest hit areas.

Trees fell on homes or into streets. Debris is everywhere.

Shippy Park has a substantial amount of damage.

The Department of Public Works was able to remove most of the debris from Shippy Park on Thursday, but it's going to take more time to remove all of the damaged trees. The police chief says the park, where the Green Bay Packers built a playground two years ago, is now a total loss.

There were no injuries reported from the storm, but at least a dozen homes ended up with trees on top of them during the severe weather.

In some cases, people weren't able to get inside their homes to see the damage until Thursday because of downed power lines.

The chief of police says We Energies has been tied up with this type of damage all over Northeast Wisconsin.

Trees and a fence were pulled right out of the ground in Dustin Demro's back yard.

"Three trees down in the back, laying on the house. We had a tree hit the white Trailblazer there and smash the roof pretty good," he said.

In the front yard is a trampoline. Yesterday it was in his neighbor's back yard. "It was parked right here and made it to the end of the road. That's 150 or 200 feet, probably," Demro said. "Every car that drives by has to stop and take a video or picture of it."

A few miles away, a tree split and fell on Gerald Wojkiwicz's house and garage.

"Sounded like popcorn popping, then she came down. It was the end of her," he described."

"Can't go in the garage. All the power's out, now I have to have an electrician come go to this box to get permission, check it out, and they can first put the power back on. I got a portable generator running." Wojkiwicz shrugged.

Mark Becker also has tree damage. "Heard three loud booms and I came from work and holy c--p, we got a tree on the house."

Actually, in his house. "Some of the braces on the upper part of the roof are broken, and you can see the tree through, and you can see some of the water coming in," he said, adding, "This is a lot of damage."

Chief Hendzel says the property damage around Pulaski is extensive and will take some homeowners months to repair.

"Mostly trees falling on top of the residences. If you look in the area here, you'll see that trees are sheared off at about 15-20 feet, multiple trees are affected by it. Shippy Park has a substantial amount of damage to it," Pulaski Police Chief Mark Hendzel said.

The trees were toppled in all directions, which would indicate the park was not hit by straight-line winds. Hendzel believes it could have been a tornado, but the National Weather Service has not listed this area as a tornado site.

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