Public to weigh in on Renard Island's future

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- Created from dredging material from the 1970's through the 1990's, Renard Island was capped and turned over last year to Brown County from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Renard Island Future

Now, the island is under close examination.

"We selected Smith Group and Smith Group is actually a collaborative effort of about six organizations that are all going to participate in figuring out the end use for Renard Island," said Dean Haen, Green Bay Port director.

During the month of August, Haen said the consulting firm will conduct a feasibility study and come up with a list of recommendations for the island.

This fall stakeholder groups and the public will weigh in.

"We'll be soliciting input from everybody and anybody, so that's all part of the process," said Haen.

He said ideas for Renard Island include an amphitheater, walking trails, fishing piers, a board walk, an RV park and miniature golf; to name just a few.

He says by early next year, a plan will be in place to capitalize on a unique opportunity few communities have.

"You've got a blank canvass and we can paint it however the community wants the island painted, so the key things will be that you've got to meet different requirements, so it can't just be anything, but things that fit, that are cost effective and fit the conditions of the island and the desired uses is what we'll be striving to do," said Haen.