Protesters in Appleton take stand against FoxConn

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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) A protest took place in Appleton Thursday against the Foxconn project.

It took place while President Donald Trump joined Gov. Scott Walker, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Foxconn CEO Terry Gou for the FoxConn groundbreaking in Racine County.

The protestors believe it's a bad deal for northeast Wisconsin. They are skeptical about its deal with the state.

Wisconsin has offered four billion dollars in incentives to Foxconn.

"We want jobs. Eeverybody wants jobs," Appleton's Connie Raether said. "But we haven't seen promises of what kind of jobs they're going to be. We haven't seen promises of how sustainable they're going to be. Are there going to be jobs that pay well enough to keep family sustaining?"

Protestors believe having to wait decades for Wisconsin to make its money back is unacceptable.

Representative Amanda Stuck (D-Appleton) believes the state should be investing in Wisconsin companies so they have the opportunity to grow and hire.

"Long-term job growth, the things that keep companies here," Stuck said. "Grow companies here without having to sacrifice out natural resources and give away our whole bank account."

And State Senate candidate Lee Snodgrass believes those investments could be to the paper industry in the Fox Valley.

"Wisconsin companies that have made a long-term investment here in Wisconsin, on ways to modernize," Snodgrass said, "and ways to remain competitive and potentially shift the type of product that they make here in Wisconsin."

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