TARGET 2: Protecting your packages

(WBAY) - Now that you made your Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases, it's time to protect all those packages coming your way.

If you did a lot of online shopping, you're going to be getting a lot of deliveries. You'll want to watch your email inbox.

Sign up for shipping notices so you know when your packages are arriving.

But beware of fake emails. They could say that a package is delayed or try to get you to click on a link to get personal information.

Also, this is the time we hear about "porch pirates" pilfering packages off people's doorsteps.

It's a good idea to add delivery instructions to hide the package or leave it with a neighbor. Make sure a signature is required. Or, get your packages delivered to where you work.

Keep your store receipts and your email confirmations from online purchases. That's how you track everything, and it's much easier for returns.

Finally, check your bank and credit card accounts online. You'll hear it a lot in our Target 2 Consumer Alerts: First, make sure you're charged for exactly what you bought; second, make sure there aren't charges you didn't authorize.

A few extra steps that will save you headaches during and after the holidays.

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