Proposed ordinance would ban smoking at Clintonville's outdoor city events

CLINTONVILLE, Wi. (WBAY) - “All I could smell was cigarette smoke,” said Sharon Eveland, Clintonville’s city administrator.

Eveland took her young kids to Clintonville’s Easter egg hunt earlier this year. But the family-friendly day stunk.

“I couldn’t seem to get away from it,” said Eveland.

That smoke-filled environment inspired an idea.

“That we consider an ordinance change that would prohibit smoking at outdoor city sponsored events,” said Eveland.

The Clintonville Parks and Rec Committee approved it and passed it on to the Safety and Ordinance Committee. If that committee approves, it would then head to the city council for full approval. The council would be responsible for determining how much people would be cited for if they break the ordinance.

“It’d probably be a good idea if there’s kids around,” said Dara Brink, who lives in Clintonville.

As a mom, Brink agrees people shouldn’t smoke around kids. But as a smoker herself, she doesn’t think everyone will be on board with the idea of an outdoor ban.

“Because when they need a cigarette they need a cigarette and who cares where they are,” said Brink.

“I am a former smoker, so I understand that feeling,” said Eveland.
That understanding is why Eveland says she limited the idea to city-sponsored events only.

“I’m not setting out to ban smoking or anything like that,” said Eveland. “I really hope the community doesn’t take it that way. It’s really just about our family-focused, outdoor city-sponsored events.”

Eveland encourages any citizens with concerns or comments to contact their city representative.