'Pride Pumps" in Door County continues to support area school programs

DOOR COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - In November, Action 2 News reported on ‘Pride Pumps’ in Door County where two cents out of every dollar of gas spent at special Jandu Petroleum pumps get donated to area school programs.

Now, a student newspaper in Sevastapol is back after nearly ten years and it’s getting help from those gas pumps and people in the community.

Damian Lardinois and Hailey Bosman are both 5th grade students at Sevastopol Elementary and are learning a lot about writing articles in a newspaper.

“I've learned stronger vocabulary to make my writing more attention grabbing,” said Bosman.

The kids are keeping people informed on things like indoor recess.
“I think it's important that people know this because some people have questions about this and it's not usually in the real newspaper,” said Bosman.

They’re even covering controversial topics. Video games like Fortnite may not be as bad as people think, said Lardinois.

“It says that Fortnite you can use math in it, because you have to figure out how many times you can build something,” said Lardinois.

The students are learning how to research and better communication, and thanks to more than $460 in Pride Pump donations, even a digital formatting program may be added.
“Pride Pump is allowing us to advance our paper technology so we are going to invest in some tape recorders so when the kids do interviews they can play it back and make sure they have the information correct,” said Stephanie Ayer, 5th Grade Teacher at Sevastopol Elementary.

Teachers leading the paper said the students have expanded on skills they'll use in the future.

“The kids through school they're learning how to write informational pieces, they're learning how to write opinion pieces, narratives, and this is the real life application of that,” said Brooke Tanck, 2nd Grade Teacher at Sevastopol.