Howard prepares for major flooding

HOWARD, Wis (WBAY) Government officials and first responders throughout Brown County have spent the past several months meeting to discuss the potential for devastating flooding this year.

As water levels on the bay of Green Bay reached record levels in 2019, and combined with storm events, caused flooding in communities like Howard, village leaders got busy.

"We really spent some time looking at our vulnerabilities and looked at the gap, so we are in the process now of reviewing the properties we have and our infrastructure that's in the 100 years flood and we're looking at our shelters and communications plans to ensure that we're safe in our community," says Ed Janke, Howard Director of Public Safety.

In Howard, Janke says roughly 100 homes near Duck Creek are in the floodplain, and the forecasts from federal agencies like the Army Corps of Engineers and National Weather Service all point to more serious problems this year.

"All indications right now are that we will be at or even exceed the 100 year flood and that's the information that we're acting on right now," says Janke.

Next week, municipalities throughout Brown County will join Emergency Management leaders to hold a news conference, which Janke says will be aimed at sharing information for residents to best protect themselves.

"From a prevention, preparedness, mitigation standpoint, we're doing all that we can to ensure that our residents are prepared and hopefully we'll lessen the number of emergencies that we need to respond to. The planning and that preparedness needs to be done now, so that when the flood waters come up, because theoretically this event, this flash flood event could happen tomorrow with a bad weather event," says Janke.