Pothole Problems: Patches not holding up in wet weather

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It's pothole season. They come with freeze and thaw cycles during the transition from winter to spring. This year feels worse.

Chris Pirlot knows a thing or two about potholes. He works for the Green Bay Department of Public Works.

"They are manifesting themselves more than normal," Pirlot says.

One of the main areas of dread for Green Bay drivers is Shawano Avenue. It's riddled with potholes. Action 2 News ventured out to find out how bad it was. In the first 30 seconds of our trip down Shawano Ave, we went over several potholes. Some of them are larger than others.

"If there's potholes that are going to jar your fillings out, we are going to take care of those right now," Pirlot says.

However, those "right now" fixes are merely temporary.

"I've gotten word back from our field people where they patch potholes and within less than an hour, they get a call back that the material, because it's so wet and cars are going over it, had broken itself back out already," Pirlot says.

The city is taking another approach. They picked up a limestone mixture Wednesday morning.

"Limestone, when you get it wet and it starts drying out, it turns a little harder. Not as hard as concrete, but not as soft as gravel or sand. So we are hoping limestone cures by adding water in the wet conditions we have," Pirlot says. "We are hoping they will last a little longer. Knowing full well we are going to have to go back and treat these potholes again."

Green Bay's Department of Public Works set aside $80,000 for materials to fix potholes. They've started to dip into those funds.

If you notice a bad pothole that needs to be addressed immediately, call the Department at 920-448-3535. CLICK HERE for the city's street maintenance website.