Bay Shore Park boat launch remains closed after Sunday storm

BROWN COUNTY, Wis (WBAY) One of Brown County's most popular boat launches remains closed. And the race is on to get the Bay Shore Park launch open in time for the holiday weekend.

Two days after what Brown County Parks Director Matt Kriese calls the "perfect storm," country crews are still cleaning up the mess.

The combination of already high water levels with a fierce northeast wind pushing right down the bay Sunday left the Bay Shore Boat Launch defenseless.

"Our breakwater and jetty that sticks out, basically those were completely under water. The parking lot was about half under water, and there's a lot of debris floating out in the bay. The vegetation hasn't grown up in the marshes yet to really capture those logs and all the dead debris, so all that washed up. And to compound that even further, waves crashing over the breakwater broke both of our main launch and load docks and a couple of our mooring piers loose," says Kriese.

Fortunately, the docks and piers weren't damaged and are now staged in the parking lot ready to be installed back in place.

But it will be a few more days before the launch reopens because Bay Shore isn't alone in receiving the wrath of Sunday's storm.

"We can't always stop Mother Nature -- and Mother Nature will win, and that was the case up and down the shoreline. Talking with the contractor this morning, they're out rescuing docks that have floated from one shore to the other shore and just anchoring them off for now, and then hopefully get out to Bay Shore as soon as possible," says Kriese.

The Bay Shore boat launch is expected to reopen Friday morning.