Democrat Frostman wins state Senate special election

Published: Jun. 12, 2018 at 3:16 PM CDT
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Democrat Caleb Frostman has defeated Republican State Rep. Andre Jacque in a special election for Wisconsin's State Senate District 1.

The district covers Kewaunee and Door counties, and parts of Manitowoc, Calumet, Outagamie and Brown counties.

"I will let your feedback and our shared values guide me in my work as your State Senator," Frostman said.

"I learned these values growing up here in Wisconsin - treating each other with respect, helping our neighbors when they need a hand, listening to each other and working together to reach our goals."

Republicans still maintain control of the Senate with an 18-15 advantage.

Republican State Rep. Andre Jacque had this to say about the election.

"Certainly you saw special elections in other parts of the state where Democrats are motivated, certainly we had a lot of Republicans that came out to the polls tonight as well. And yet, you look at the overall turnout, it's obviously smaller than what we're going to see this November," said Jacque.

We'll likely see a rematch in a few months. Frostman will have to defend his seat in November. Rep. Jacque will run again for the GOP.

Here are vote totals per county:

BROWN (All precincts in)

Jacque: 2,783

Frostman: 2,067

CALUMET (All precincts in)

Jacque: 2,1,26

Frostman: 2,148

DOOR (All precincts in)

Jacque: 2,804

Frostman: 4,712

KEWAUNEE (All precincts in)

Jacque: 1,760

Frostman: 1,664

MANITOWOC (All precincts in )

Jacque: 2258

Frostman: 1680

OUTAGAMIE (All precincts in)

Jacque: 1,168

Frostman: 1,447


Jacque: 13,800

Frostman: 14,606

Outside groups spent thousands of dollars on advertising in the Northeast Wisconsin media market.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission says because of that highly visible advertising, it received a lot of calls about who could vote.

The WEC had no reports of voting problems.

submitted to the FCC by the four television stations in Northeast Wisconsin. We found the candidates spent nearly $200,000 on advertising.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a state organization that tracks spending, shows a half-dozen outside groups have spent more than $500,000 on ads.

One of those outside groups is the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. The group is headed by Eric Holder, former Attorney General under Barack Obama.

"Scott Walker and his Republican allies gerrymandered this district for their own partisan benefit, but the the citizens of Wisconsin are clearly speaking out this year to demand a state government that better represents their values," Holder said in a statement.

The group says Wisconsin is one of its "electoral targets" for 2018.

In another special election, Republican Jon Plumer defeated Democrat Ann Groves Lloyd for the Assembly District 42 seat.