Political parties in Wisconsin energized over DNC announcement

The DNC chose Milwaukee over Houston and Miami after deliberations lingered longer than party leaders or officials from the three finalist cities had expected.(Source: MGN Online)

BROWN , Wis. (WBAY) - Chair of the Democratic Party of Brown County, Lindsay Dorff, said the 2020 Democrat National Convention news is exciting, and a great opportunity for the party as well as the state.

“I think Wisconsin did feel overlooked in the 2016 election, and so I think that we absolutely can’t feel overlooked when they're really bringing the heart of the democratic party to Milwaukee and so I think that should do a good job of energizing and mobilizing people who otherwise might have stayed on the sidelines and it will get them out hopefully voting and excited about our candidate,” said Dorff.

Dorff said it's a chance to show how democratic values line up with Midwest values - and stand for the working class.

“As a democrat I really feel like the Democratic Party does represent working and middle class people and our needs and what we stand for and I think it's a great opportunity for us to make the case that our platform is a platform for working class people,” said Dorff.

When it comes to the announcement, there is one thing both parties do agree on, that it's a great thing, economically for the state of Wisconsin. Chair for the Republican Party James Fitzgerald said the expected economic impact for the state is a plus because it's a boost the Evers administration hasn't delivered.

Fitzgerald is asking voters to do their research - starting now.

“Take a look at the two party platform, take a look at the issues, take a look at your family, and if your family can live with the platforms, and can live with the issues, then vote accordingly, that would be my advice,” said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald calls the 2020 DNC host announcement a socialist ploy.

“We've seen the overtures being made but for some odd reason they're just seems to be this move on the democratic side to move into a more socialistic view of things, and it's just something that Wisconsinites can't buy into,” said Fitzgerald.