Police started traffic enforcement before start of school year

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BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer meaning students at public schools will head back to class on Tuesday. Local police departments are already focused on school zones, warning drivers to slow down.

A radar speed board near Hemlock Creek Elementary School in the West De Pere school district warns an upcoming driver they're going to fast (WBAY photo)

School doesn't start for another day, but that isn't stopping Hobart-Lawrence Police from keeping track of drivers who speed in school zones. Special enforcements near schools, along with the portable speed boards - recently put up near Hemlock Creek Elementary School in the West De Pere district, warning drivers they're going too fast - are just a couple of the ways local police are looking to keep kids safe when they head back to class.

"We're out here to make people aware of the school zones and their speed limits, things like that. We just want them to slow down," says Officer Jeff Kola.

It doesn't matter what school you're near, there are plenty of different signs warning drivers they're entering a school zone, kids could be crossing the street, and they need to slow down. But according to police, drivers still don't always get it. That's why targeting school zones, ahead of the school year, is so important.

And while the purpose of the traffic stops is to warn drivers, some will get tickets - which amount to a double fine - and hopefully more awareness to not speed in a school zone.

Officer Kola adds, "It's all about the safety, not so much about the money but added safety. We don't want any kid or anybody to get hurt so that's what we're out here trying to do, just slow people down and make them aware."

In addition to Hobart-Lawrence Police, other departments will also have extra enforcement in school zones for the next couple of weeks.

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