Oshkosh Police searching for man who walked into bedrooms where women were sleeping

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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY-TV) Oshkosh police are looking for a man who walked into bedrooms where women were sleeping. Both happened early Saturday at student rental homes near the UW Oshkosh campus.

About 2:30 Saturday morning, a woman living on Scott Avenue reported waking up to a man lying on top of her.

Police say she fought him off.

Some three hours later, a woman living on Wisconsin Street said she woke up to a man standing in her bedroom.

"This is not time to panic, it's time to be safe, time to be secure, time to vigilant about personal security, whether they're in the home or outside the home," said Oshkosh Police Sgt. Todd Wrage.

These new incidents come about a month after a man attempted to assault four women near UW Oshkosh's campus.

Joshua Immell faces multiple charges in those cases.

Police, Monday, reminded students the importance of simple safety steps including locking doors and windows.

"It's important to understand that predators like this will take their take targets of opportunity and if we remove those targets, it becomes much more difficult for them," said Wrage.

Students in the area say they are concerned about what's happening and they're taking precautions to be safe.

"We've been locking our doors at home more, making sure they're all locked before we go to bed, stuff like that," said Morgan Holl, a UW Oshkosh Student.

"I guess we're just more aware,” Pashua Moua, a UW Oshkosh Student, said. “I think we're closer now because we're more, we're still concerned about what's going on that we are discussing it with each other and we're always looking out for each other."

UW Oshkosh Campus Police hopes students take advantage of safety resources at their disposal including safe walk, blue light emergency phones, and features on the UW Oshkosh mobile app.

"There's all kinds of safety features on there, mobile blue light you can use anywhere,” UW Oshkosh Campus Police Captain Chris Tarmann said. “There's a way to chat with dispatch through that app, there's a friend walk feature."