Police push to create safer roads this holiday

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – As 2018 comes to an end, law enforcement is exerting stricter safety efforts on the roads.

It was a deadly year on Brown County roads as there were 19 accidents that result in death. It's believed that up to half of these accidents were easily preventable.

Because we're heading into the holiday season, it is no doubt that the roads will become heavily crowded. Many police officers are worried that December could be the deadliest month of the year. It has become their goal to try and avoid this.

Captain Dan Sandberg of the Brown County Sheriff’s office wants to remind people to wear their seat belts and to avoid driving when under the influence:

“We’ve seen an uptick in their distracted driving, people blowing through stop signs. So it just seems to be a combination of things, where you’ve got people [that] aren’t wearing their seat belts, you’ve got drugs and alcohol involved, and then you’ve got distracted driving.”

This year alone, 4 people were killed when they were not wearing seat belts. Another 4 deaths involved drunk drivers and 3 involved the driver high on drugs. Officers also report that three other crashes involved distractions such as being on the phone.

Within the next month you will be seeing more patrols on the roads to monitor drunk driving, seat belts and speeding. Through grants from the DOT’s Bureau of Transportation safety, law enforcement agencies throughout the county receive hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to pay officers overtime to patrol the roads.

These grants allow officers to better target the education and prevention of accidents. Brad Strouf of the Green Bay Police Department states that “without the grants through the state… we would be hard pressed to get the kind of enforcement action and education that we are able to do.”

Police are hoping these grants pay off in preventing more crashes in the future.

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