Forensic evidence, video footage lead police to suspect in 'brutal' assault

Police say Anthony Oliver scoped out the bar before the attack.
Police say Anthony Oliver scoped out the bar before the attack.(WBAY)
Published: Dec. 5, 2017 at 10:57 AM CST
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Green Bay Police say they've arrested a 53-year-old man accused of "viciously" assaulting a bartender. The victim suffered serious injuries, including a brain bleed.

Officers say old-fashioned police work, forensic evidence, and surveillance camera footage helped them locate the suspect, Anthony D. Oliver.

"It's probably one of the most violent assaults that we've captured on video," says Lt. Rick Belanger. "And in a situation the victim has no relationship to the suspect."

The assault happened on Oct. 14 at Jekyll and Hyde Bar at 226 Broadway.

Police say the victim had locked up for the night when she was attacked.

"The door swung open, but he was behind. So as the door opened, she would have never known he was there until he closed that distance hard and immediately attacked her," Lt. Belanger says.

Police say the victim suffered severe head injuries. She called police when she came to.

Officers believe she was hit with a pipe or a crowbar.

"She was hit over the head. She had some pretty substantial injuries, ended up getting admitted to the hospital," says Lt. Belanger. "She needed staples in her head and suffered a brain bleed, some facial injuries, neck injuries, it was a pretty brutal assault."

Officers examined surveillance footage, which led them to the suspect's vehicle.

"We captured pretty much the whole incident on video, showing our victim was closing up a bar, just doing her routine work thing, leaving at 3-ish, I think it was like 3:10, and suddenly from behind she's attacked by an unknown male assailant," Lt. Belanger says.

Cameras had captured Oliver scoping out the bar. However, police couldn't identify the suspect from the surveillance images. The victim never saw him, so she could not give a description.

Police found the victim's purse in a nearby yard and it had blood on it.

Investigators discovered surveillance cameras in the neighborhood had captured Oliver's car. Officers saw the vehicle driving one afternoon shortly after the crime.

"Some forensic evidence that was found in this car matches what happened with this incident," Lt. Belanger says.

Police believe money was the motive. Oliver only got a small amount of cash.

"The only thing we can think at this point is money. She had different bartender tips in her purse, was done for the night and when we recovered her purse, to my recollection, the only thing missing was the cash," Lt. Belanger says.

Green Bay Police are recommending charges of Armed Robbery, Aggravated Battery, and Obstructing.

"He could have easily gotten away with this if it wasn't for, I think, a lot of good hard work by the officers and detectives," Belanger says. "But even more than that, but many people had camera systems, that we were able to find in the nick of time and get the video, and with a little luck, we got our guy."

The victim has not been identified. Police say she continues to recover from her attack.