Police investigating threats against other area schools

Photo Source: Stacey MacNaught / CC BY 2.0 / MGN

OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - Police are investigating reports on social media that other violent acts are being planned at schools in our area.

Oshkosh police say so far, all of the threats are unsubstantiated -- and one was traced to Belgium in western Europe.

The Appleton Area School District notified parents by email and phone messages Tuesday night about a threat against North High School. Appleton police determined that message was sent from outside the country and contacted "the appropriate authorities" to pursue charges.

The social media comments are following in the wake of Tuesday morning's shooting of a student after the stabbing of a school resource officer and separate incidents Monday at two schools in Waukesha in southern Wisconsin.

Oshkosh Police earlier investigated what some felt was a threatening comment posted to the police department's own Facebook page, under a post about Tuesday's violence at Oshkosh West High School. Police said after investigating, they felt no threat was intended.

Following today’s incident at Oshkosh West High School, the Oshkosh Police Department continues to investigate information being reported through social media about other possible incidents being planned at area schools. The Oshkosh Police Department places the utmost importance on the safety of students, and all information received is being fully investigated. At present, all reports have been unsubstantiated and the most recent case was traced to an IP address in the country of Belgium. There is no credible information at this time to indicate any other concerns.

On 12/03/19 at approximately 5:00 PM, The Appleton Police Department was made aware of a potential vague threat to “North High School” on Snapchat. Appleton School Resource Officers investigated and determined the origin of the Snapchat was from outside of the United States and was not directed at Appleton North High School. Based on the information gathered through the investigation we do not believe the safety of our students is at risk. The Appleton Police Department will continue to investigate the incident and work with appropriate jurisdictions to pursue charges.

The safety of our community is our highest priority. The Appleton Police Department will continue to work diligently to maintain the safety of our children and will investigate all threats.