Police hand out 10 citations in Leo Frigo crash investigation

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Green Bay Police issued 10 citations to drivers involved in crashes on the Leo Frigo Bridge.

The department states that five citations were issued for "following too closely." Five other citations were given for "driving too fast for conditions."

Police estimated about 30 vehicles were involved in 11 separate collisions in the southbound lanes of the bridge that crosses I-43. It happened March 5 during the busy morning commute.

A forensics team walked the entire crash scene and took video of the wreckage. The collisions spanned the entire southbound direction of the bridge. Some vehicles swerved west. Others went east. The bridge was littered with crash debris.

Drivers told police the sun was blinding as they crested the span. After reviewing videos of the crash, police determined it was clear that drivers were tailgaiting.

No one was seriously hurt in the crashes.