Police departments looking to recruit different kinds of candidates

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OSHKOSH, Wis, (WBAY) - Communities across our area and around the country are recognizing National Police Week, and Wednesday is National Peace Officer Memorial Day. While law enforcement agencies are pausing to honor their members, many are also looking to hire the next generation.

Photos on an Oshkosh Police Department job recruitment stand

The push is on in Oshkosh as the police department is looking to hire five new officers. It's only accepting applications until the end of the month.

According to Officer Kate Mann, "We've had a lot of retirements and promotions, and that just leaves areas for new people to come on board."

It's a similar situation at police departments, sheriff's offices and other law enforcement agencies across the state and country.

"A quick search will show, I think, about 75 law enforcement agencies in our state alone are hiring, and those are just for police and sheriff's deputy positions. It doesn't take into account dispatch positions, corrections and so forth so there's certainly opportunities available for our students," says Cory McKone, the Associate Dean of Public Safety and Fox Valley Technical College.

According to McKone, those hoping to get into law enforcement are looking for more out of their careers. "If you look at the millennial generation, they're very technology driven and they really want those opportunities and very upwardly mobile, so departments are understanding to recruit that generation, they have to offer those opportunities early and often for their hires."

As the Oshkosh Police Department is looking to recruit new officers, it's touting all the teams it offers -- including the newly formed drone team.

"We can use it for search and rescue," says Officer Mann. "We can use it locate subjects that might be posing a danger to our community, looking for escaped prisoners, trying to gather intelligence for tactical operations. There's just a lot of different way we can utilize this drone."

Oshkosh Police is hoping the different and unique opportunities it offers will attract top candidates.

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