Police chief greets students at Washington Middle School

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Police officers greeted students at Green Bay schools Tuesday as a way to welcome children on the first day.

Police Chief Andrew Smith and Lt. Jeff Brester visited Washington Middle School. The east-side school's problems made headlines in June after teacher Kerstin Westcott resigned at a school board meeting. She detailed incidents of abuse, violence and safety concerns at the school.

Police reported 132 calls to Washington last year, which is dozens more than the other middle schools in the district.

Chief Smith and Lt. Brester say being at the school this morning allows them to build better relationships with students and get a fresh start.

"I think it will be a lot better this year. The attention that's been brought to it. I think the parents are paying more attention. We need help from parents. This isn't something the school can solve or the police department can solve with tickets," said Lt. Brester.

Chief Smith and Community Resources will meet with administrators at Washington Middle School and the district for evaluation this year.

In August, school district leaders unveiled a Behavior Response Chart with a list of scenarios that could happen throughout the school day. If a student commits one of the offenses, the teacher has five different responses they can give, 1 being minimal and 5 being severe.

In August, Action 2 News reported Washington had 14 vacant positions. A school board member tells us all teaching positions there have now been filled.

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