Police: Watch out for threatening texting scam

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - There's a scam targeting real estate agents in Green Bay but police say all of us should be on alert. A text message, now under investigation, threatens to kill the person who receives it.

This is how the message starts off:

"i want you to read this message very carefully and keep the secret with you till further notice, you have no need of knowing who I am, where i am from , till i make out a space for us to see, i have being paid 10 million dollars in advance to terminate you and your relatives..."

“When that person got that message they obviously were pretty concerned because, I think any one of us would be concerned,” said Lt. Rick Belanger with the Green Bay Police Department.

Adding to the alarm, the message comes with a photo of a gun on a table and the sender says to not contact authorities.

“It's scary, it's direct, and I think really sends home to someone who is sitting at home living life, and doing their thing and all of a sudden you think oh my gosh why am I being terminated or hunted down or stalked and in this case this is someone who doesn't have enemies or anyone after her,” said Lt. Belanger.

Green Bay police say to never respond to a message like this.