Police: Skateboards damaging Green Bay's CityDeck

Green Bay Police are cracking down on skateboarding after receiving complaints and finding damage to one of the city's biggest downtown draws.

The CityDeck in downtown Green Bay is known for offering views of the Fox River and attracting big crowds to summer events.

But look closer at parts of the boardwalk and you'll see a view the city does not want.

"The deck is not made to skateboard on," says Green Bay Police Captain John Laux.

He says the broken, cracked and chipped boards, as well as the paint and scratches on several places on the CityDeck came from skateboards.

"They like to grind. They like to do their tricks, and unfortunately it's rails, sidewalks, curbs. Sometimes it's the edge of the decking, and it tears it up really bad," says Laux.

Police say the problem has been around all summer, so they've issued repeated warnings and taken to social media, but they say the complaints and damage continue.

This week, they started issuing citations, at $98 a piece, to anyone skateboarding on the CityDeck.

It's part of an ordinance police say has been around for decades, banning skateboarding on streets, sidewalks and public property downtown from Monroe Avenue to the Fox River.

"It's obviously one of our highest traffic areas in the city and a lot of pedestrian traffic, so we'd rather not have these kids in the street with vehicular traffic, and on the sidewalk we have pedestrian traffic," says Laux.

City ordinance bans skateboarding on the city's near east side from the East River (near WPS) to Doty Street and Monroe Avenue to the Fox River. It bans skateboarding on the near west side from West Walnut Street to Dousman Street and North Maple Avenue to the Fox River.

Police encourage people to use the skate park at Joannes Park about a mile and a half away.

To read the full city ordinance, click on the link to the right or below. The ordinance is in Chapter 29 (29.504).