Police, Fire, and EMS Train for Active Shooter Incident

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MENASHA, Wis. (WBAY) - Training for active shooter scenarios has changed over the years. While the top priority is to eliminate the threat, getting aid to the injured nears the top of the list too.

Cries for help rang out in the former Menasha City Hall as volunteers play victims in an active shooter training scenario that includes officers from Neenah, Menasha, and the Village of Fox Crossing. But the training isn't just for law enforcement as firefighters and EMS are now part of the incident response.

"This training is a little bit different because now they're actually taking a much more active role," says Menasha Police Chief Tim Styka. "We used to be trying to bring victims out of a building to those folks. Those folks are now actually coming in with us or shortly there after to tend to the victims in a more expeditious fashion."

It's a daunting task for rescue crews from Gold Cross Ambulance and the local fire departments.

According to Fox Crossing Fire Chief Keith Kiesow, "We're learning what our roles are, better, what we need to and how we work together and communicate so everyone will remains safe so we can have everyone go home at the end of the day on the first responders side."

It was about a year and a half ago when a team of 12 paramedics from Gold Cross Ambulance volunteered to be embedded with law enforcement in these types of situations. And that's why a training like this, is so important.

Paramedic Clayton Emons adds, "We work closely all of the time with them and it's nice that we are able to do these trainings together so we can develop that team work and that ability to work together under stress."

It's necessary preparation, but practice no one ever wants to have to use.