Affidavit: Middleton suspect lost gun permit after mental health hold

Published: Sep. 21, 2018 at 11:07 AM CDT
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A man who shot co-workers at a Middleton software company had his concealed carry permit revoked in 2004 after being placed on a mental health hold in South Dakota., according to a document obtained by Action 2 News.

Anthony Y. Tong, 43, went to work at WTS Paradigm in a suburb of Madison on Wednesday morning and opened fire on co-workers. Tong was killed when law enforcement stormed the building and fired on him.

An affidavit obtained by Action 2 News details an encounter between Tong and Sioux Falls police on Aug. 11, 2004. Police responded to Tong's apartment after he had disabled a fire alarm horn. Officers found that Tong had also dismantled his ceiling fan, smoke detectors and other electrically powered devices attached to walls or ceilings.

Tong told the officers that he believed people in the downstairs apartment were eavesdropping on him. The officers said they felt Tong "was acting paranoid and that the defendant was delusional."

Police handcuffed Tong and found he had a handgun on his belt. It was fully loaded with a round in the chamber, police said. Tong was also carrying pepper spray and two knives on him.

Inside Tong's bedroom was an AR-15 rifle and a "large amount of ammunition."

Tong told the officers that he believed people at his work were "talking bad about him." He did not elaborate.

Tong was placed on a 24-hour mental hold at a hospital in South Dakota.

On Nov. 1, 2004, a Minnehaha County circuit court judge signed an order revoking Tong's concealed carry permit.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is tracing the 9mm pistol Tong used in Wednesday's shooting at WTS Paradigm, 1800 Deming Way. The gun was not purchased by Tong.

"It seems as though with some loophole he was able to get in contact with and get possession of that firearm, and he should not have been able to do that," said Middleton Police Chief Charles Foulke.

The Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office said preliminary autopsy results confirm Tong died from firearm-related trauma. Additional tests are underway.

Police say Tong was shot by officers and deputies after he wounded four of his coworkers at the software company. Tong was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at a local hospital.

Two Middleton officers and two Dane County deputies fired at Tong. Their names will be released Friday afternoon.

A search warrant obtained by our Madison partner station WMTV details the items taken out of Tong's Madison home on Gilded Cider Blvd.

The search warrant lists 47 items removed from Tong's home. Items include guns, boxes of ammo, magazines, scopes, multiple computers, pellet guns, gun parts, and phones.

Tong moved to Wisconsin in March of 2017 and started working at WTS Paradigm in April of 2017.

Tong's motive remains under investigation.

The three people who were seriously wounded in the shooting and remain in the hospital have requested privacy. Police are not releasing their names.

The search warrant reveals that one of the victims was shot 10 times.

Foulke says they are expected to survive.

"We know that two of them are doing quite well, and the third has a long road to haul," Foulke said.

A fourth person suffered a grazing wound.

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