Plans to take down deteriorating 9/11 memorial moves forward

Published: Aug. 9, 2017 at 9:05 PM CDT
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Plans to take down and re-build the deteriorating 9/11 memorial near the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay moves forward Wednesday.

The Parks Committee voted unanimously to take down the memorial and replace it with a new one, built as part of a new police and fire complex. The Green Bay Public Arts Commission, Department of Public Works, police and fire have met for weeks to plan for the future of the 9/11 memorial.

"You know hearing lots of complaints, but we never really knew what to do with it, I mean was it parks? Was it public works? How do we handle it? I really think having the Public Arts Committee has really helped bring a focus and be able to really move this along," said Alderperson Randy Scannell, Green Bay Common Council.

The steel beam is the only part of the monument directly tied to the World Trade Center, and a ceremony on September 11 this year will remove the beam from the memorial.

"We'll have a moment of silence at 8:59 in the morning when the towers were hit, and then we'll remove the girder from the monument and it'll be put on a fire truck, there'll be a procession,” said Scannell.

"The current plan is to ceremoniously remove the World Trade Center beam and temporarily relocate it. It will be on a rotating display, six months on display on the Green Bay Police Department and six months on display at the Green Bay Fire Department Administrative Offices,” said Steve Grenier, Green Bay Public Works Director.

The rest of the materials including the granite and the steel twin towers would be put in storage until a decision can be made. A new permanent monument would be built and be a part of the future police and fire complex.

"We're looking at setting up an interactive display so it'll have a touch screen and we can get a lot more information than just the monument, bring some of the more personal stories and make it a more fitting tribute to remember those who perished in the 9/11 attacks," Grenier added.

The plan next moves to Green Bay City Council for final approval.