Plans for a beach at Bay Beach move forward

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The plan for a beach at Bay Beach is making waves but before it does the city wants your thoughts.

“We're very interested in what people think as far as how it affects their experience out at Bay Beach, both the aesthetics, what they feel about maintenance, whether or not they're in favor it, whether or not they would use the beach,” said Dan Ditscheit, Interim Parks Director for the City of Green Bay.

Currently the DNR and the city are taking public comment. If Green Bay gets the green light it still has to pay for the project.

“If the permits are issued, we will come forward and present a funding plan, and that funding plan would probably be a combination of city bonding, fund raising efforts, and also grants,” said Ditscheit.

The city has been testing the water along the bay for a few years now and says it's safe to swim in.

The Green Bay mayor's office says the state Department of Natural Resources has tentatively decided it will issue permits for improvements, including a beach and wildlife viewing platform.

First, there will be that public comment period.The city has $250,000 in grants from the Packer Stadium District, Coastal Management and Fund for Lake Michigan. The city hired an engineering firm to develop ideas and get the project off the drawing board, and the city has submitted an application to the DNR.

Comments can be emailed to or sent by postal mail:

Dan Ditscheit, Interim Parks Director
100 N. Jefferson St.
Green Bay, WI 54301