Plans for Shipyard project in Green Bay move forward

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A $13.5 million development project known as The Shipyard took another step toward getting the green light on Tuesday, but it still has to jump through one more hoop to get going.

As we've reported for well over a year now, The Shipyard would be on the south end of Broadway in Green Bay and includes an outdoor events center and revamped neighborhood along the Fox River.

It's a business plan with four parts, and the city says if one doesn't work out the whole project could sink.

The project was at risk last month when a local CEO showed concern about the lack of progress, but that could now change.

“There are still some unanswered questions, but we need to start spending some hard money in terms of the design and construction really to get some of those answers that we don't have right now,” said Kevin Vonck, Economic Development Director for the City of Green Bay.

The Redevelopment Authority voted yes for the development agreement, and the city says it's agreeing to give the south side of Broadway some much needed life.

“We've been at this for a year and a half. It was unanimous by the RDA. There were council people in there who are very supportive, so I feel really good about this, and this is a significant development in our city,” said Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt.

However, Mayor Schmitt said if City Council doesn't give the development agreement the green light next week, the city will lose out.

“Tuesday's vote is a make or break. We have to do this. We've been at this. There's other mayors soliciting the customers that we have, and I get that, and they want to make a move. We need to make a move. It's the right thing. We've protected the taxpayers on this,” said Mayor Schmitt.

It's a $13.5 million project now that extra parking has been added. The city still needs to iron out details with CEO Mark Skogen for the indoor performance venue, and with the full service restaurant parcel or Anduzzi's sports bar.

The plan is to have the outdoor events center up and running by March of 2019, but the project's fate is now in the hands of City Council which meets next Tuesday.

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