Plamann Park sees spark in attendance with aqua park

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GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) - An Outagamie County park sees a spark in interest thanks to the inflatable aqua park.

The county says Plamann Park in Grand Chute needed to find a niche that would separate itself from other parks.

"Breathe new life into the lake," Loren Dieck, Outagamie County Parks Department Director, said. "We haven't had a change here in many years, so this was a good opportunity to bring something, not only new to us but new to the Valley."

Plamann Park has seen an attendance of 8,600 so far this year.

Surpassing last year's total attendance and more than doubling the number from this same time last year.

"Since they expanded and added the floatables, the kids have loved coming here a lot this summer," said Wendy Mueller of Appleton.

The aqua park features a flip pillow, trampoline and an obstacle course.

The aqua park is such a hit, an expansion could be in the cards.

"As long as it's popular we're going to keep building off of it," said Dieck.

Mother Ashley Klatkiewicz sees it being a favorable spot for some time.

"My kids are pretty small to be using the inflatables, they're already asking to sometime," Klatkiewicz said. "When they're a little bit bigger and we'll be on them for sure."

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