Piles of dead coyotes found in Shiocton ditches

SHIOCTON, Wis. (WBAY) - A retired conservation warden calls it a malicious waste of a natural resource by a group of hunters around Shiocton.

It centers around what's been turning up in ditches outside the village

Retired warden Mike Young uncovered the latest discovery today along Cummings Road just south of Shiocton.

He snapped another photo last week, a mile away along Peterson Road.

In both cases, a pile of dead coyotes, shot and dumped along the road left to rot.

"Just the waste of it, it just bothers me, last year we had the issue where the coyote hunters ended up shooting a deer and that got a lot of publicity and we only got two groups that hunt coyotes in the area, and then they dump them in the ditch like that and it just gives a black eye to all hunters, especially the predator hunters, there's no call for that, if you don't have the time to take care of that fur, to skin it, to take care of it properly, or sell it in the round, you shouldn't be out there hunting," says Young.

At nearby Wolf River Tannery, word has spread about the dead coyotes tossed in ditches.

"It's definitely wasteful and a lot of people don't like to see the furs in the ditch and kind of disturbing to some people, sheds a bad lights on the hunters that are ethical and doing everything right," says hunter Cameron Luker, who works at the tannery.

Even though fur prices are down this year, Young says the hides could still fetch up to $30 a piece.

And while dumping a carcass on private property is illegal, and the DNR is investigating, Young feels the big crime is the image the pictures portray.

"Shiocton has always been kind of a town that people have looked at with a jaundiced eye to begin with when it comes to fish and game and a lot of that stuff has changed, lot of these people are just excellent people, they're good hunters, they're good sportsmen, this isn't the majority of the people, this is a small segment of the population and if you're from Shiocton you know who did it, plain and simple, and I hope those people are ashamed of themselves," says Young.